10 Common Hair Problem

Poor diet, illness, or sluggish metabolism can produce dandruff, scaly particles that stick to hair roots.

1. Dandruff

Women lose hair.  Male-pattern baldness affects most men.  Stress, medication, hormones, and menopause cause female hair loss.  Chemical/heat styling products can also cause hair loss.

2. Hair Loss

Overwashing dries hair.  Though clean hair is good, many wash once or twice a day.  That removes all hair oils.

3. Dry Hair

Overbrushing, perming, heat, and poor conditioning create split ends.

4. Spit Ends

Sebum overproduction causes oily hair.  Sebaceous glands create sebum, which can overproduce.

5. Oily Hair

Frizzy hair occurs when the hair’s moisture level falls below normal levels, and it can also be hereditary.

6. Frizzy Hair

Damage from chemicals and heat styling tools, as well as environmental conditions, are two of the main culprits in dull hair.

7. Dull Hair

Too frequent use of a curling iron or flat iron might harm your hair.

8. Heat-                    Damaged      Hair

Color treated hair is more fragile since the cuticle is opened during the coloring process.

9. Color      Damaged      Hair

The appearance of silver hair is celebrated by many.  Some people embrace their gray hair, while others would rather not have it because it tends to be brittle and unruly.

10. Gray Hair