10 Vet-Recommended Cat Health Tips

Daily Cat Brushing

Long-haired cats can avoid digestive system hairballs and matting by brushing daily. Cats groom themselves with frequent brushing.

Limit Your Cat's Dry Food

Cats need meat, unlike dogs. Werber always prioritizes beef. He advises against giving cats dry food. Werber claims dry cat food causes type 2 diabetes and obesity.

 Watch Your Cat's Thirst

Desert-dwelling cats drink less water than dogs. Cats should drink largely food. Cats eat 70%-water mice. Canned food has 78% water, while dry food has 5%–10%.

Provide Enough Litterboxes

Werber suggests two cat litterboxes. Three cats need four well-placed boxes. Basements and gloomy boxes scare some cats. Werber suggests cat instincts. 

Don't Guess Why a Cat Pees Outside the Box

Fit litterboxes after health tests. Ask your pet. Scoop everyday (more for many cats). Place the litter box in a calmer, easier-to-access location.

Teach Cats to Use Scratching Posts

Scratching posts safeguard furniture. Werber thinks owners don't comprehend the scratching post's attractiveness.

Cat Spay/Neuter

Neutering cats protects them. Fighting male cats spreads infections. Female cats fail. Four-month-old female cats find mating and queening many kittens distressing. 

Safe Pet Travel

Don't let your cat drive uncontrolled. Cats can become projectiles in accidents and distract drivers. Teach your cat to use a comfortable car carrier.

Cat-Friendly Vet

Some practices lack room. Werber suggests a checkup for vets without two waiting rooms. Cat-only vets protect cats.

Display Them!

Cats love hunting together. Werber advises accepting presents graciously—even a decapitated mouse. Cats love via head-bunting, purring, and paw-kneading. Love it.