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5 Health Benefits of Eating Vegetable

Protein-Rich Vegetables


Meat isn't the only protein, which pleases vegetarians, medical diet followers, and others. Protein-rich vegetables abound. 

Vegetables Contain Trace Nutrients 


Selenium and iodine deficiencies are harder to diagnose and treat. Micronutrients aren't necessary but can cause immunological difficulties and hair loss.

Vegetables Improve Mental Health


Happy veggies. Variety improves depression, anxiety, and optimism. This survey preferred spinach, lettuce, and kale. Another study found raw vegetables healthier. Carrots, cucumbers.

Heart-Healthy Vegetables


Decades of study show that vegetables are heart-healthy. We explore their relationship and what veggies do each year. 

Vegetables Improve Gut Health


Vegetable antioxidants and fiber improve gut health. Healthy bowels promote digestion, mental health, immunity, and disease prevention.