5 Simple Tricks for Normal Skin

1. Make sleep a priority

Stress affects skin. Pausing may avert calamity. 8-hour sleep. Sleeping less may prematurely age skin since the body repairs from daily stress. Healthy sleep rejuvenates skin. 8-hour sleep.

2. Inner skin      hydration

Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily can help. If you like sweets, try five servings of fresh fruits and veggies.

3. Must-have sunscreen

Sun damage is well known. If you must be outside, use a decent sunscreen. Find something with an SPF of 30 or higher to avoid reapplication throughout the day.

4. Clean your phone

You read correctly. Bacteria love phones. Bacteria on the face can cause outbreaks. So have a tiny disinfecting bottle handy. Clean phones can also enhance skin.

5. Shower temperature matters

Showering for hours is appealing. Hot water on your face is soothing. You only need a 5-10 minute lukewarm shower. Avoid hot water to avoid dryness and rashes.