7 Awesome Drop Fade Haircut Styles for Guys

Low Drop Fade


This style begins lower on the sides and rear of the head for a clean, crisp appearance. The neckline is accentuated by the fading.

High Drop Fade


The high drop fade begins at the temples or above the ears, unlike the low drop fade. This adds drama and contrasts well with pompadours and quiffs.

Skin Fade with Drop


A drop adds style. The hair contrasts with the skin and falls to the nape of the neck. Longer hair on top makes this look contemporary and edgy.

Curly Drop Fade


A drop fade enhances the natural texture of curly or wavy hair. The drop fade highlights the curls' form and cleans up the top curls.

Temple Fade with Drop


This style combines a temple fade, which progressively tapers the hairline at the temples, with a back drop fade.

Drop Fade with Line Up


Shaving or trimming the hairline creates a crisp, accurate line up. A drop fade and line up provide a sleek and defined style that accentuates facial features.

Undercut Drop Fade


Undercuts and drop fades are fashionable. Top hair is longer, while sides and back are fading and fallen down to the collar.

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