Embracing Ease The Ultimate Guide to Flattering Hair Colors

Dale Carter

Bronde Mushroom

A porcini-hued undertone, allowing for gradual fading and a versatile range of mushroom tones. Enjoy the freedom to embrace pool parties and beach days.

Light Caramel

Reminiscent of walking on sunshine after a salon visit. Enhance naturally light brown or dirty blonde hair with a low-effort, stunning blonde balayage.


A touch of spice by adding a cinnamon hue to your brunette mane, gingery brown. Simply request a red gloss over your natural brown color.

Light Strawberry Blonde

A delightful evening on a Malibu penthouse balcony. This creamy and pinkish hue offers a seamless transition for natural blondes, evoking a hint of sweetness.

Toasted Brown

Enhance your summer tan with a warm brunette hair color, reminiscent of a medium roast and rich copper browns, as suggested by colorist.


Low-maintenance for those with naturally light blonde hair, but requires regular root touch-ups. Embrace the cool and statement-making icy tone.

Lived-In Brunette

Ideal for natural brunettes during busy summer months. Opt for a hair shade close to your natural color to minimize obvious new growth.

Tone-on-Tone Chocolate

A moody and dimensional espresso brown, reflecting light and turning heads. Achieve a fresh and low-maintenance look by going a shade or two darker.

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