Masala Chai/Tea 

Masala chai has antioxidant spices like cloves and cardamom. These components may improve health and reduce congestion. Masala Chai contains anti-inflammatory cinnamon.

Masala Tea Ingredients :  

* Cloves- 2 Nos   * Cardamom- 2 Nos  * Grated ginger- 2 tbsp  * Cinnamon- 1 stick  * Water- Half cup    * Milk- 2 cups    * Tea leaves- 2 tsp  * Sugar/Honey- As per taste


Method: For five minutes, bring the water and spices to a boil.

Bring to a boil and keep going till the water turns a deep brown color and the aroma of the masala fills the room. 


The spiced water is ready, then pour in some hot milk. 


To serve hot, boil for three to four minutes.