Sassy Wolf Cuts Trend for 2023

Shaggy Wolf Cut


Go sloppy and ruffled with a shaggy wolf cut. Textured layers and uneven bangs give this style a laid-back look.

Pastel Colored Wolf Cut


Use pastel colors to make your wolf cut lively and vivid. Lavender, mint green, and baby pink make quirky hairstyles.

Layered Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs


Create a retro-inspired appearance with curtain bangs and a layered wolf cut. Layers and curtain bangs frame your face.

Pixie Wolf Cut


Go shorter for a bolder wolf cut. A daring pixie wolf cut with clipped sides and a longer top.

Textured and Messy Wolf Cut


Go for a sloppy and carefree wolf cut. For a tousled look, use sea salt spray or texturizing paste.

Blunt and Straight Wolf Cut


A blunt and straight wolf cut is sleek and polished. This straight-across cut with few layers gives your hair a polished edge.

Edgy Wolf Cut with Undercut


An undercut gives your wolf cut an edge. To seem rebellious, shave one side or the back of your head and leave the top long and unkempt.

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